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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  January 3, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> it is friday, january 3rd, nearly 100 million people waking up to a blizzard in below freezing temperatures. the snow, the ice cancelling thousands of flights making a mess of roads near and far. maria molina tracking the path of this monster storm. >> o.j. simpson begging the president for a get out of jail card. why he says it's a matter of life or death. >> a warning for women before you put on your morning makeup the products that could destroy your skin and could be even deadly. "fox & friends first" starts
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right now. >> we begin with an extreme weather alert. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. 1 million people being blasted by winter cold. >> we have a live look at new york city. you can see all of the snow, new york under a state of emergency with main roads and highways closed overnight. >> you are looking live at plum island. two feet of snow have fallen with more on the way. 2300 flights across the country already canceled. thousands more delayed at this hour. >> we have live team coverage this morning. molly lion in boston. she is tracking part of this or the path of this machine ster storm for us.
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>> the storm system has been intenses fying. we are going to gradually over the next several hours it will take several hours in emergency emergency and parts of new england with several inches of accumulation possible in addition to what you already have on the ground. a big part of the story has been the wind. take a look at some of the wind gusts being reported. 50 miles an hour 30 mile per hour wind gusts. that is really what picks up the snow and gives white out conditions. we have winter storm warning over the new jersey and southern new england. it will be in effect through early this afternoon for long island.
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even when the snow stops falling, possibly over 35 miles per hour at times. that again will be producing the white out conditions. that's why we have the warnings still in effect even after the snow ends across the northeast. otherwise temperatures are frigid in new york city we are expecting the windchills to be 5 below zero, 19 below zero in boston. colder than 30 degrees below zero. it will remain cold through out the day and even into the weekend. so we are going to be looking at cool temperatures out here. please be safe as we head outdoors. i want to mention heather and ainsley while we are dealing with the storm now we are expecting another storm to hit the midwest saturday and sunday. behind the system look how cold it gets across portions of the
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midwest. colder air makes it down to parts of the southeast coming up early next week. >> we will be working hard. thanks so much maria. >> boston getting buried in snow. all flights are grounded and schools are closed. team coverage continues with molly line. she is live with more. >> good morning, molly. >> good morning, heather and ainsley. maria is right. it is very, very cold in the city of boston. one of our crews said it was 3 degrees so much so i am having trouble talking. it is really cold. the governor was karning yesterday negative 25 in some areas around the state. it is a very dangerous situation. the roads pretty much messy commute and the snow is still falling. one thing about this being a cold storm and a long duration storm is the snow here on the ground and this is pushed up snow, this is stuff the plow pushed into the side of the parking lot it is pretty fluffy. it should be fairly easy to
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move. that's one bright spot as people try to get the sidewalks cleared so the folks can get around. the mayor here thomas men nino outgoing mayor in the city of boston he said it is the last big snowstorm for him. here's what he had to say about getting things ready. >> beyond the snow expected i am urging on everyone to stay indoors check out elderly individuals and homeless individuals. >> they open the airport will have everybody out to their final destinations. we will keep you posted on that through out the day as things get back to normal.
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>> molly line braving the cold temperatures. we really do appreciate it. thank you, molly. >> observe care is being slammed by attorney generals across the nation who say the changes to the law are illegal. elizabeth prann has the latest on the site. >> 11 u.s. attorney generals sent a letter to health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius saying they are breaking the law. the continuous changes with obamacare without going through congress is illegal. the ex certainty of the letter reads, the attorneys general allowing citizens to keep their health insurance coverage. however the only way to fix this law is to enact changes lawfully through congressional actions. the illegal actions must stop. greg abbott one of the 11 who signed the letter had this to
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say. >> only congress can pass the law. they cannot make up the law and judge the credibility acting as a court. we got away from that when we got away from britain. >> this letter comes the same day as the public health study released in the journal science shows people who access to healthcare are making more trips to the emergency room casting doubts on the president's promise back in 2009 when the administration released in part if we are increasing prevention increasing wellness programs reducing the amount of emergency room care. yesterday administration spokeswoman said the time frame on the study was too short and er usage was most likely declined. >> elizabeth prann live for us in dc. thank you elizabeth. >> thanks. >> rescuers trying to rescue those stranded researches a
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chinese who air lifted passengers stranded on a ship in antarctica now worried about its own ability to move through heavy ice. the australian ship carrying the passengers is on stand by and will remain in open water near the chinese ship as a precaution. >> the ruins of a burned apartment building in minneapolis this coming a day after a an explosion. the investigation into the fire still ongoing. a train derailment still ongoing causing the department of transportation to issue an oil safety alert. crude oil being shipped may be more flammable than traditional oil. it will has a lower flash point. meaning it can ignite at much lower costs. in eastern montana and north dakota now the nation's second
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largest oil producer behind texas. a short time ago doctors speaking out on the current condition of the former israeli prime minister ariel sharon. >> his position deteriorating slow slowly. >> sharon's family remains at his bedside. he has been in a coma and living on a respirator for 8 years after the hit of political power back in 96. the national inquirer reports that simpson is convinced he doesn't have long to live. the former football legend serving out a kidnapping and robbery sentence in a nevada prison. he isn't eligible for parole fo another four years. edward snowden revealing the
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nsa is revealing a code cracking super computer that can access banking medical and even government records. all part of an $80 research program called penetrating hard targets. it is light years faster than classical computers. this as civil rights takes the first step to reveal the wire tapping program is legal. congressman tray raid el is returning to congress he took a leave of absence in november after pleading guilty to cocaine possession. he was sentenced to a year probation and left congress for alcohol abuse after being busted for buying cocaine. i look forward to getting back to work representing my neighbors in southwest florida as they face a federal government that continues to spend more than it takes in. it is official crack smoking
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mayor rob ford is running for reelection. >> i have been the best mayor this city has ever had. my record speaks for itself. >> the mayor wrapped up the year admitting to smoking crack cocaine. rivals are expected to challenge him. oklahoma quarterback trefr knight may be a freshman but didn't look like it in alabama in the sugar bowl. he through for 348 yards and four touchdowns. >> aj mccarron scored but the sooners shocked alabama to win 4 # 5 to 41. has facebook add strategies gone too far? they have heated up over invasion of privacy. for that let's turn to lauren simonetti. >> they are being sued for maining data from your private
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messages and sharing it with advertisers. right now a marketer can only send ads to you when you have a connection to their brand. but a shared link in a private message also counts. it is invading privacy by reading personal messages without our consent. they want to give monetary awards to users whose messages were scanned. they will sell cheerios without modified ingredients. they are making changes to use only none genome products. it is an iconic brand and one of the first foods given to babies. what a surprise. the nfl has the colts extensions to sell playoff tickets before their games get blacked out on tv this weekend. they have until 5:00 p.m. eastern today after the week of 40,000 tickets available for
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sunday's game the bengals have until 4:00 p.m. and the colts have until 4:30 today to sell some 3,000 tickets before tomorrow. >> hope they sell the tickets. >> it is 13 minutes after the top of the hour. your kids might be wonderful. why praise can actually hurt your children down the road. >> i don't know about that. >> didn't he know the department of justice has a linked in page on-line. you are paying for it. how washington is wasting more of your money.
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>> the first major snowstorm of 2014 pounding states all across the country. our coverage now continues with wshg txf live in downtown pennsylvania. how is it looking there? >> good morning. we are about 40 miles south of philadelphia. the snow is am coulding down steady and fast. that combined with the brutally cold temperatures. the whipping wind is making things difficult. you are looking out on lancaster avenue right off of route 30. i am surprised to see there are quite a few cars on this road this morning. one of our many sideways. it has been plowed but it is very difficult to keep up with the snow.
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they said the most difficult thing has been the visibility. because the pace at which the snow is am coulding down is making it difficult and treacherous on the road. we have 4 to 5 inches on the road. that combined with cold temperatures and the wind making for treacherous conditioning in downingtown, pennsylvania. >> thank you very much. >> we will send it back to you. >> colorado pottery tailors are celebrating high profits. the dispensaries raked in a million dollars on the first day. t a transaction almost every 90 seconds. hundreds braved winter weather and long lines to be the first to buy legal recreational weed. >> a texas mother is under arrest after allowing her 4-year-old child to play outside all night. her child was at a park from
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8:30 until 11:30 at night unsupervised. that 4-year-old child disappeared and ended up in another area of the complex. she is charged with endangering a child. >> time now for your brew on this. according to a study it shows complementing children with low self-esteem might make them feel more pressure to perform to avoid challenges all together. they may feel they always need to do a good job putting them under more pressure to succeed. >> self-esteem builders or cooker pressures? send them to e-mail twitter or e-mail us at we will read them later in the show. coming up a warning to any one putting on makeup or perform this morning. they may seem like a good deal. but knockoff products can destroy your skin, may even be
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deadly. >> american idol star may be making a whole new career change and this one can effect you. wait until you hear what clay aiken may be doing next.
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first". an extreme weather alert for you. you are looking at a live picture from brooklyn, new york. that is where it is still snowing. that is not stopping crews. they are trying their best to clear the sidewalks and the streets. this the scene up and down the east coast this morning. >> duck dynasty, they are back
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with a bang. >> you know what makes me happy, ladies and gentlemen? >> the robertson family now starting a gun line. a new video voiceed by family patriarch phil robertson shows a few of the guns being offered. duck commander teamed up with gun maker mottsburg to make two assault rifles and a pistol. they are expected to hit the shelves soon. this on the heels that phil robertson will resume filming after controversial anti gay comments in gq magazine last month. >> they are leaving the state of colorado because of the state's new gun laws. they are announcing they are moving operations to wyoming and down to texas making good on a vow to leave the state of colorado if the legislature there went through with the new law which prohibited the sale of gun magazines with more than 15
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rounds. a warning from the fbi to you if you wear makeup or perfume. knockoff products may be bad for your health. they may contain arsenic and other carcinogens. >> be careful what you are putting on your skin. it is an oregon that is porous. things can get absorbed you can take it into your body as well. the more you use something it may be potentially carcinogenic and toxic. >> whether purchased on the street or web site they look authentic. consumers should look for differences in the packaging and significantly lower prices. >> that's interesting. i compare prices for kocosmetic on-line all of the time. >> 25 after the top of the hour. he isn't legally allowed to be in the country, so should this illegal alien be allowed to practice law? the judge's shocking ruling. >> we have heard of kids getting
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stuck in trees but how did this child get stuck in a ush with aing machine. >> "lord of the rings"" the two tours was the number one movie in america.
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>> it is friday, january 3rd, look at that. people waking up to a blizzard in below freezing temperatures. the snow and the ice grounding flights and closing roads near
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and far. maria molina is tracking it all for us. >> the department of justice has a linked in page on-line. guess who is paying for it, you. the stunning amount of money that washington is wasting. drinking a bottle of wooifrn ry month might help with better behavior. fox and friends first starts now. >> we begin with an extreme weather alert for you. thank you for joining us. i am heather childers. will 100 million people in 22 states being blasted by all of this snow, the wind and bitter cold this morning. this is in new york city where snow is falling hard. look at that. that's time's square. schools across there closed. new york state is under a state
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of emergency announcing all new york city schools are closed today. >> moving further north this is boston feeling the brunt of the winter blast. you are looking live where the streets are empty. 3200 flights are canceled more delayed at this hour. we are going to begin first with maria molina who is tracking the monster storm in the weather center. >> i have new snowfall totals by the national weather service that have been released. there has been addition dal snowfall that has occurred out here. massachusetts the hardest hit state by the storm system. we have picked up additional
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snowfall so we could be looking at totals at two feet already this morning. boston, massachusetts 13.5 inches. in central park just 5 inches doesn't seem like a lot but the wind really kicking up the snow and we are looking at more snow in addition to this current snowfall total. new jersey long island up into connecticut. the boston area in eastern massachusetts could get additional 6 inches locally even higher amounts. the wind a huge concern gusting over 50 miles an hour at times. the windchill temperatures. look how widespread the arctic air mass is. it feels like 5 below in new york city the city of chicago take a look the next several days another storm mitts the
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midwest with more snow and monday the high temperature will be 10 below zero the low 17 below zero. another round of winter weather expected coming up. potentially dangerous. people should stay safe. >> we could see school closings because of the cold temperatures in the midwest. >> take care of your neighbors. thanks so much, maria. >> boston is getting buried in snow as well. all flights are grounded and schools are closed there. molly line is live in boston. good morning, molly. good morning ainsley and heather. a little more than a foot in the city of boston. the snow is still falling. quite a bit of snow pack on the inner city roads here. part of that situation is this
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extreme cold. the governor urging private employers to allow employees to work from home and stay home. at logan airport they are hoping to ramp service up. flights will be heading out around noon today and hoping to get things back to normal. there were 3,000 pieces of snow equipment out on these roadsover night working to keep up with this. the salt, the sand but that can be affected by these very low temperatures. there's a tremendous amount of work being done across the state by the utility crews. they are trying to keep up with it. oh oh molly line in boston. stay warm, molly. >> now to obamacare. another blow. it is now being slammed by attorney general across the nation who say all of the changes are illegal. congressional action is the only way to fix this problem ridden law. doug luzader is live for us in washington with the latest on this. >> a grouch of republican attorney generals say the
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president has violated law micking changes in obamacare deadlines. they sent a letter to the secretary of health and human services kathleen sebelius. >> repeatedly over the past few months the president has forbid the enforcement of the law or changed the law to suit his own end and he does so unconstitutionally. >> a new problem meantime has emerged for the obamacare web site. it lax the ability to do a simple thing which is change. if a family has a baby there's no way to add that child to your policy and recalculate insurance premiums and subsidies. for the insurance industry this represents a massive oversight that could take months for the government to fix. >> here we have still making 5 percent errors. can you image what would happen if your bank made 5 percent errors and is unable to change circumstances for people when they are -- when they have a new born they can't put them on the
2:36 am
policy yet. >> almost 4 million americans meantime signed up for medicaid through obamacare. that's the government run healthcare program. despite hopes greater coverage would help drive down costs especially when it comes to emergency room usage, a study shows when patients sign up for medicare their emergency room visits sky rocket. this study shows an increase of about 40 percent. am heather and ainsley. >> it is going to add up. doug luzader joining us live this morning. thank you. department of justice spending 500,000 dollars on the linkedin page. it was designed by a contractor to drive job seekers toward the agency. the enhanced company profile gives the doj unlimited access to linkedin's 250 million users. a federal magistrate is expected to oversee a settlement conference today in the case of this young lady.
2:37 am
the young girl declared brain dead after tonsil surgery. the little girl's mother wants to transfer her to another facility and force the hospital to give her breathing and feeding tubes and allow outside doctors to perform surgical procedures. the magistrate told both sides to spend the entire day working toward an agreement. the rescuers might now need to be rescued. a chinese ice breaker whose helicopter picked up passengers stranded is now worried about their own ability to move through the ice. the australian ship that rescued the passengers is on stand by and will remain in open water near the chinese ship just as a precaution. a train derailment causing the department of transportation to issue an oil safety alert. officials warning that crude oil being shipped from the northern plains may be more flammable
2:38 am
than traditional oil. what is the reason? it has a lower flash point. meaning it can ignite at much lower temperatures. an oil batch in eastern montana and north dakota now the second largest oil producer behind texas. shiite militia hezbollah has been sending long range missiles to lebanon this despite israel's undeclared campaign of air strikes to stop the new missile delivery. keeping the missiles inside syria is no longer secure as it threatens bish charral assad. the weapons are being sent in tractor trailers will special coolers. o.j. simpson receiving secret medical exams for brain cancer and is begging president obama to pardon him so he can die at home. the national entiinquire ir is reporting that simpson is convinced he does not have long to live.
2:39 am
he is serving out a kidnapping and roby sentence and isn't up for parole for another four years. how about this from american idol u.s. congress clay aiken, american idol second season runner up considering a bid to represent north carolina's second congressional district. the 35-year-old raleigh native has met with political consultants in dc. no official decision has been reached. he had a successful music and broad k broadway career. >> the meteor shower hits today and has an extremely short peak only eight hours that is short for these meteor showers. it is very strong with 100 meters per hour. they are predicted to peak at 3:30 p.m. meaning they could hit in daylight for most of the u.s. scientists say if you are staying home from work today it is well worth going outside to
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take a look. >> the time is almost 20 minutes to the top of the hour. and they risked our lives for our freedom. they have a special place to recoup rate back home. why the wounded warrior charity is being slapped with a hefty government bill. >> puffy pumped up indictment. who is saying hello from very far away. too big. too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection.
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closed until 5:00 a.m. but the officials extended the closure until 8:00 a.m. you can see clouds coming through right now. but it is still -- there is so much snow and because it is so cold it is really sticking it
2:45 am
t to the ground out here. saw som driving here you could face penalty. most people heeded the governor's warning and are staying inside. it is frigid out here. that's the latest on long island. back to you in the studio. >> lydia, you and your crew try to stay safe get in the trucks between shots and stay warm. california supreme court has ruled in saver of sergio garcia granting the illegal immigrant a license to practice law. they were brought there illegally with over two decades to go. he attended lawsuit and passed the bar exam. garcia's ruling challenged the 96 law that barred people living in the country illegally from
2:46 am
receiving professional licenses. >> veteran kill falk and wife diane had $1 million for boulder crest retreat in virginia. they assumed a nonprofit retreat would be exempt from property taxes. instead they got first pass of roughly 20,000 dollar tax bill. >> got a bill for 10,000 dollars a month ago. we are doing work that is going on that the conti can't afford to deliver and the state can't afford to deliver and the federal government isn't going to deliver. >> he is hoping he does not have to pay the second half of the 20,000 dollar bill. >> just within 2013 alone health and human services admitting to improperly spending billions of your tax dollars. diane macedo is here to explain
2:47 am
what happened. >> hi answerly. the u.s. department of health and human services estimates it improperly spent more than $65 billion in tax payer funds in 2013 including roughly 60 billion in payments to medicare and medicaid. according to the department's fiscal year 2013 financial report last year's total of $365 billion of erroneous payments is up and hhs estima n 64.3 billion of the payments were related to medicare or medicaid. while both of those anythings include under payments the majority were over payments. we are talking $59.6 billion. what caused all of these improper payments? when it comes to medicare hhs sites administrative and documentation errors medically unnecessary services and errors by physicians at hospitals same goes for miss spent medicaid payments which were attributed
2:48 am
to errors verifying case eligibility and pricing errors. in all reports estimate total of 60.6 billion in over payments by health and human services last year. to put that in perspective that's about three times the expected deficit reduction under the congress latest budget. no small potatoes ainsley. >> not at all. thank you diane macedo live for us. the time now is 10 minutes until the top of the hour. moms to be you want your child to be well behaved. drinking a bottle of wine a month may help? the science behind the new study. a game of hide and seek goes horribly wrong. how this 11-year-old child ended up wedged in a washing machine. the great lengths to get her out safely. >> don't these kids know anything? stay out of the washer. hello. good morning, ladies. coming up at the top of the hour continuing coverage of the
2:49 am
massive winter storm that is still blizzarding through out portions of the northeast. a brand new legal battle for obamacare attorneys general for 11 states say the president's fixes are unconstitutional. we have also got a group of veterans who hop another their fallen friends on the big screen. they can be in line for an academy award. plus the company saying good-bye to titles making everybody their own manager. is it going to work? we will talk about that. kevin mccarthy for the top movies you need to see for the coming year. we kickoff 10 minutes from now. stay with us.
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another update on that extreme weather alert. look at this.
2:53 am
it is a live look at plum island which is an hour north of boston. they already have about two feet of snow there and mother nature is far from done. the snow not expected to stop until later today. >> the marines are delaying part of a female fitness plan after half of the women in the marines were failing the pullup test. they were expected to do a minimum of three pullups. and the requirement started taking effect the first of the year. but now the requirement is being delayed because most of the women couldn't pass the test. in the meantime female marines are able to choose which tests of upper body strength they would like to do for their annual physical fitness test. >> probably not a good hiding place. an 11-year-old girl safe and sound after this happened. she was stuck in a washing machine. it happened while playing hide-and-seek. she was stuck for over an hour. >> she was terrified. she thought she was going to die in there.
2:54 am
she was so scared. she couldn't breathe. >> after peanut butter, butter, ice, all that didn't do the trick, her mother called 911. crews cut into the dryer giving the girl room to wiggle out safely. the 11-year-old girl is now doing fine. mothers to be who drink lightly go on to have better adjusted kids according to a new study. the latest research looked into mothers in denmark who drank ten bottles of white wine over the course of their pregnancy and their offspring were, according to the study, emotionally and behaviorally better adjusted than those who abstained. ainsley finished. >> mothers who indulged in some of the wine were likely to be from better educated background and healthier lifestyles.
2:55 am
your best bet is to check with your doctor. >> a hilarious reaction of a dog seeing its deployed soldier over skype. the soldier was deployed in iraq in threfrpb and it couldn't be more obvious how much they miss each other. the best news is these two have been reunited since. >> such a great story. thank you. i was choking. it's five minutes to the top of the hour. being called good is actually bad. a new study says praising your children does more harm than good. also life imitates art for a breaking bad fan. what he was caught doing in his home that landed him behind bars. we're gonna be late. ♪ ♪ ♪
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oh are we early? [ malennouncer ] mmute yo way with the bold, all-w nissan rogue. ♪
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two minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening today. 100 million people in 22 states hit by snow and bitter cold today. massachusetts the hardest hit with over a foot
2:59 am
already on the ground in boston. more snow still on the way all across the country, so stay with us for the latest. >> time to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. the ratings are in and fox news is still number one capping off our 12th consecutive year as the most watched cable news network. that is very good. we thank you. next the bad. talk about life imitating art. ryan caroll won a contest to see the breaking bad finale. then he was busted for operating a drug factory in his house. finally the ugly. a hockey fan finds himself on the ice. he fell flat on his behind, on his bottom while he was trying to video bomb a reporter in her live shot. >> time for your brew on this responses. a study says complimenting children with low self-esteem puts more pressure on them to perform doing more harm than good. >> what we wanted to know, are compliments to children
3:00 am
self-he is -- self-esteem builders or pressure cookers. >> they must realize there is such a thing as failure and consequences. >> to praise for anything cheapens it to the point that praise doesn't mean anything anymore. >> have a good friday from "fox & friends." good morning. today is friday, january 3. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we begin with an extreme weather alert. heavy snow and brutal cold hammering the northeast. thousands of flights canceled and major roadways shut down. >> the president promised to fix obamacare, only problem that fix might be unconstitutional. >> the president is supposed to enforce the laws, not forbid the enforcement of laws. now we have the president acting like a king of the united states. >> harsh words. could this be the beginning of the end for the not so affordable care


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